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Heavy Metal Badger

Authored by Duncan Beedie
Illustrated by Duncan Beedie
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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This is so much more than a story of a badger who loves to make loud music. Having startled all the birds and creatures of the forest with his first attempts, Badger tries to tone it down by learning the recorder, joining the ants’ marching band, even singing in a choir, but it’s no good – he has to do LOUD! Eventually he finds his Rock ‘n’ Roll destiny and even the woodland animals have to agree that it’s been a blast.

Much of the joy of this rhyming tale of Heavy Metal Badger lies in the images and the design of the pages. Badger explodes all over double page spreads while other animals look on with alarm until he finds his real musical outlet, but throughout Duncan Beedie inserts sharp little speech bubbles as comments on Badger’s progress: ‘I bet that looks good on the dancefloor’ or ‘He’s just a furball from a fur family’. Young readers from about 4 years upwards will enjoy the rhythmic beat of the story and the anarchic images while older readers might appreciate some of the musical  in-jokes: look out for the posters on the walls of the music studio – adverts for Gnus and Roses and Moo Fighters – and the list of bands on the Woodrock Weekender advert (my favourite is Sheep Purple). This is a riot of a book.