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Holey Moley

Authored by Bethan Clarke
Illustrated by Anders Frang
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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Goat is trying to guess where Mole lives in the hilarious rhyming story, Holey Moley.

Holey Moley is great fun to read. Gus the Goat is trying to guess where Mavis Mole lives.  Poor mole does not get a chance to reply as goat makes his many guesses. His suggestions are comical, rhyming and cheeky and poor mole keeps trying to speak. As the story progresses more and more creatures join them in the forest to listen to goat’s mad cap ideas. Bethan Clarke’s text is hilarious with great rhythm and rhyme. They are wonderfully supported by illustrations from Anders Frang. Goat’s various suggestions are illustrated with mole looking more and more exasperated.

Each page is colourful and entertaining. The animals have expressive faces and the goat gets up to some lively antics. On each page there is much to look at and enjoy. The end papers are charming and children can study them to spot the forest creatures. Children will enjoy listening to the text with opportunities to predict rhymes and join in with repetitions. This would be a perfect story to read aloud and children will ask to hear it again and again.

Holey Moley is a great book for sharing activities. Small groups can read and study the pages. Children can join in with readings and it can be used to support looking at word patterns and language development. This is a cheerful book that will be welcome in schools, libraries and homes.