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Authored by Milly Evans
Illustrated by Lucia Picerno
Published by Hot Key Books

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Honest is a candid, refreshing and much-needed guide for teens navigating the complexities of sex, relationships and their changing bodies. In a world where it feels like our young people are surrounded by mixed messages, the author steps in as a relatable ally, offering valuable insights and answers to questions often left unaddressed in conventional sex education.

One of the book’s standout features is their ability to connect with their audience authentically. Their relatability shines through with it being written in approachable language and an empathetic tone. Readers are assured that it’s okay to feel confused and that their worries are common. Milly Evans covers a wide spectrum of topics from the emotional aspects of relationships to the physical changes in teen bodies and sex. They don’t shy away from discussing sensitive subjects, but instead addresses them head-on, fostering an open dialogue and dispelling misconceptions without judgment or awkwardness.

Honest is not just a guide, it’s a conversation starter, a source of reassurance and a crucial tool for navigating the journey toward sexual maturity with confidence and understanding. Perfect for KS4; this should be in every school. This is a truly empowering book and as the title says, refreshingly ‘Honest’.