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Honey’s Hive

Authored by Mo O’Hara
Illustrated by Aya Kakeda
Published by Andersen Press


Honey is a bee who is struggling to find her place in the hive. All bees have an important job to do but Honey finds that unfortunately she is not suited to anything she tries. Ideally, it’s adventure that she seeks…and when their hive is attacked, she has the opportunity to seize the day and forge a role of her own.

Honey’s Hive is not especially innovative, although there is a blend of narrative and information about bees and the workings of a hive, which is of interest. In an attempt to make this distinction clear to the reader, the author uses a different font when the narrator is providing background information about bees which is relevant to the narrative. This same font is also used for narrator asides to the reader, which at times felt unnecessary as it wasn’t sustained throughout the book, being used predominantly in the early chapters.

The optimum target audience for this book would be those Y2 and Y3 readers who are embarking on independent reading of longer texts. It is the first in what is marketed as a new series and very much follows in the same vein as other popular series aimed at this age group. With this in mind, it has the usual stock characters, a dash of humour and the illustrations are cartoon-like in their representation. Fledgling independent readers would be drawn into the storyline, which focuses on teamwork, being your own person and achieving recognition. As you might expect, there is a triumphant finale for our heroine. The role of series fiction in developing reading stamina should not be underestimated and in this sense, this book has a role to play in supporting young readers.