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How Rude!

Authored by Clare Helen Welsh
Illustrated by Olivier Tallec
Published by Words And Pictures

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Dot is having a tea party and invites Duck over so they can enjoy it together, however things do not go entirely to plan.

Duck arrives at Dot’s house, looking very smart in a blue hat and scarf, but immediately upsets Dot by walking in without saying ‘hello’ and throwing the hat and scarf onto the floor. This rudeness begins a chain of events which cause Dot to feel more and more angry as the story progresses. Just when things cannot get any worse Dot decides to turn the tables on Duck, however it doesn’t have the desired effect. They both need to learn from their mistakes and to come up with a way to make amends, but how will they manage to do so?

There is minimal text in this book – some pages have no text at all but this is a great strength as it allows for the expressive illustrations to speak for themselves – providing space for the reader to appreciate their story telling. Children have the freedom to consider what is happening in the story and how the characters are feeling regardless of whether or not they can access the words.

Dot and Duck is a light-hearted and funny story which will appeal to children. They will be able to relate to both characters but also want to see them work out their differences. It can be read and enjoyed from Nursery to Year 1 but will also make a great text to use as a focus point during a lesson/discussion about appropriate behaviour, manners and friendship.