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Humperdink: Our Elephant Friend

Authored by Sean Taylor
Illustrated by Claire Alexander
Published by Words and Pictures

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Humperdink: Our Elephant Friend is a charming picturebook is an absolute must for any EYFS setting. Humperdink, the elephant, joins a playgroup, and the story follows his journey of ‘fitting in’ with the group. The language is straightforward and will appeal to all young children and enable them to develop a sense of empathy.

Sean Taylor and Claire Alexander cleverly made the ‘other’ in this story an elephant which, I feel, symbolises the enormity of how that can feel for both parties. This is emphasised by the unfortunate fact that Humperdink cannot play the game the group loves to play. Children of this age group are then given the opportunity to explore what happens when you break from your safe place and what you want to do all the time and the exciting things that can happen when you engage with someone new.

I love how this book weaves empathy and imaginative play through a warm, delightful and moving plot. Arguably, Humperdink: Our Elephant Friend could be explored with older children to discuss what Humperdink could symbolise.

A beautiful hardback with charming illustrations.