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I Really Want the Cake

Authored by Simon Phillip
Illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti
Published by Templar Publishing

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I Really Want the Cake. What is not to love about cake? What is not to love about this book? Written in wonderful rhyming language this beautifully illustrated picturebook features our young hero who has to use every ounce of self-control to resist the scrumptious cake that is perched precariously on the kitchen table. We, the reader, are reliably informed ‘It’s on the table sitting there, I cannot help but stop and stare, and now I’m really quite aware… I think I want the cake!’

This book lends itself perfectly to be read aloud to a class or a family, and the transition between beautiful description and imperative demands for cakey goodness offer laugh out loud moments and giggles of your own. The little girl in the story, faithfully assisted by her pet dog, is brought to life fantastically by Lucia Gaggiotti’s creative, dynamic and lifelike illustrations. As you read along you can almost imagine the grumpy voice of our little girl leaping off the page. She imagines herself taking on different guises to tackle the chocolatey treat but at all times has her Mother’s warnings of hands-off, ringing in her ears.

I Really Want the Cake is an enjoyable read with lots of devices included that lend themselves to be studied as a class text; this is a book you will pick up again and again. Don’t miss out on this chocolatey tale; you’re in for a treat.