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I Would Rather Hug a Tiger

Authored by Lorna Scobie
Illustrated by Lorna Scobie
Published by Scholastic

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In this cheerful, colourful picture book, small panda goes looking for excitement to avoid the ‘boring’ jobs at home. Little panda is bored by the everyday tasks that his Mummy expects him to do. Instead, he goes searching for excitement but adventure is not always what it seems!

I Would Rather Hug a Tiger is a colourful, fun story that follows the brave, and sometimes scary, adventures of a little panda. When he becomes bored by jobs such as brushing his teeth, little panda decides he would rather do something dangerous and exciting, like hugging a tiger. He explores his environment and interacts with some rather fierce and unusual friends, who are not always thrilled by his exploits. Lorna Scobie’s illustrations and text complement each other on colourful single and double-page spreads. She has created visual humour and a story that will excite the children to be curious.

This book would be a charming addition to homes, classrooms and libraries where adults can read it aloud to young children. The illustrations are attractive and comical with plenty of details for children to explore. The faces of the animals are very expressive. At times, the language is quite challenging so this is a book to be read aloud. However, there is repetition within the text and once familiar with the story children can return to the book independently. They can then enjoy the story and discuss the illustrations and the actions. The themes of the text can generate great discussion with young children. What do they think is boring? How safe is little panda when he seeks adventure? What do they think is exciting? Do all the animals want to play with panda? How do you know? The story can also initiate discussions surrounding personal safety and where do they feel most safe.