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I’m NOT Scary

Authored by Raahat Kaduji
Illustrated by Raahat Kaduji
Published by Alison Green Books

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Bat lives deep in the forest, where no one ever comes, so every night he flies off to try and find a friend. Though he is tiny, his shadow is large and all the other animals are terrified and convinced he is a monster. All Bat wants to do is share some cake! When Beattie the bear gets lost in the forest, she stumbles across Bat’s house and discovers, not a monster, but a Bat who loves to bake. Soon everyone is sharing delicious food and laughter.

Suffused with autumn colours, this delightful picture book is perfect for sharing with young children. It covers themes of friendship and sharing in a gentle story full of warmth. At its heart is the vital message of not to be scared of the unknown and that first impressions may not be correct. As with all good picture books, there is plenty to discover and discuss.