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Imagine Eating Lemons

Authored by Jason Rhodes
Illustrated by Richard Dearing
Published by Graffeg

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Imagine Eating Lemons tells the story of Chester Chestnut who is worrying about starting a new school, so he uses mindfulness to help to understand his feelings and let go of his worries.

Chester has many worries – he thinks he is too shy and clumsy which will cause others to laugh at him. His tummy starts to hurt and what starts as a tiny thought grows and grows, eventually making him feel worse. To remedy this, he focuses on listening carefully to the sounds around him and tries to make sense of his feelings so he can make them small again. He knows that thoughts are powerful and that positive ones can change the way he feels, so every time Chester starts to worry, he remembers to focus on mindfulness to calm his noisy thoughts.

Children will empathise with chestnut as they often have worries but may not always be able to articulate how or why they are feeling as they do. This story will provide opportunities to discuss the concept of what worries are and that sharing worries with someone else helps to let them go.

The poetic text makes this a great book to read aloud to a class or a group of children. The vibrant illustrations beautifully depict the contrasting feelings that Chestnut displays over the course of the story and will also provide great talking points, for example – what Chestnut’s facial expressions reveal about how he’s feeling. There is a summary at the end of the book which is a great bonus feature and will help children to remember the key messages of the story.