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In the Sky: Designs Inspired by Nature

Authored by Harriet Evans
Illustrated by Goncalo Viana
Published by Little Tiger Group

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In the Sky: Designs Inspired by Nature looks at the way that much of today’s technology has been inspired by nature. Each illustrated double-page spread explores a different area and how it is linked to nature. This includes how birds have influenced plane design from the ornithopters of Leonardo da Vinci to the futuristic Lockheed Stratoliner, how architects have used trees and plants as inspiration for the design of buildings and how insects have inspired medical research.

For each area, information has been written by Harriet Evans and these are enhanced with diagrams and illustrations from Portuguese illustrator Goncalo Viana. Prior to working in this area, he was an architect and you can really see the graphic influence on the page layout and construction. I especially liked the different viewpoints of the animals in the book, for example the bird appears to be flying over your head on one page and later you are above the birds flying.

The book is intended for young readers and has a useful glossary to explain some of the key vocabulary used in the book. It would be a good book to add to the school library or to use within a theme about nature, flight or technology and I can imagine that children interested in this area would sit for many hours and explore its content.

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