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Jennyanydots : The Old Gumbie Cat

Authored by T.S. Eliot
Illustrated by Arthur Robins
Published by Faber & Faber

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Jennyanydots : The Old Gumbie Cat is a delightful picturebook version of the TS Eliot poem from Old Possum’s Book of Cats.

The ‘gumbie‘ cat may spend her day lazing upon a chair or out of doors, but at night her world comes alive! This is a tale of a tabby cat who likes order. Once the human occupants of the house go to sleep, she begins her work organising the mice and cockroaches underground. Jennyanydots makes sure all are well fed, learn lessons and gives them good deeds to do.

This is a pleasurable read, you are carried along by the gentle poetic rhyming style. The illustrations by Arthur Robins are rich and full of fun, offering plenty of things to look at and to spot. The pictures convey the energy of the characters perfectly.

Jennyanydots – The Old Gumbie Cat is a text that would lend itself to the class reading corner, school library or reading for pleasure box. It could be used to support narrative poetry sessions or within a history topic looking at life in the era of TS Eliot. Suitable for most age groups but mainly infant classes.

Other stories from the Old Possum’s Cats series that have been produced in picturebook format are Macavity : The Mystery Cat, Mr Mistoffelees : The Conjuring Cat, and Skimbleshanks : The Railway Cat.

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