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Kid Christmas: of the Claus Brothers Toy Shop

Authored by David Lichfield
Illustrated by David Lichfield
Published by Frances Lincoln

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Kid Christmas is a very appropriate book to review now as it could easily be a prequel to Santa Claus: The Movie. The story offers a new take on all the traditions associated with Father Christmas and his, annual world trip. Who could be better to create this book than David Lichfield? Not only is his beautiful book cover bewitchingly festive, but page by page, in print and visual texts, readers will spot: snowflakes, toy makers, chimneys, magic, stars, reindeer, fireflies, carrots, and countless sparkly lights. There are even neglected ‘Dickensian’ children staring longingly through shop windows. Nicky, whose uncles run the Claus Brother’s Toy Shop, notices the shivering group of children and decides that every child in the city, rich or poor, would receive a present on Christmas day.

This book will make a great start to the seasonal festivities in school. There is much to talk about, fascinating pictures to explore and a veritable feast of memories and wishes to share throughout the primary school. Everything about it will add to the build-up of expectation that infects the atmosphere of a school before the end of term. It looks very likely to become a regular Yule Tide favourite. Oh, my goodness! I forgot. Look out for the ending. You will never guess what happens.