Kitty and the Twilight Trouble fits a common gap on bookshelves in infant classrooms. In my role as a Reading Advocate for multiple schools, one question crops up frequently….what chapter books are suitable for keen and able readers in KS1? We all know the range of reading abilities varies in each year group and there will be those exceptional readers in Y1 and Y2 who are craving more, and able to access more. They want more than a picture book but aren’t quite ready yet for a middle-grade novel.

Kitty and the Twilight trouble is the latest book in a series by Paula Harrison and Jenny Lovlie. Perfect for KS1, these highly illustrated early chapter books are delightful, colourful and funny. Kitty is a superhero like her mum and she has cat-like abilities that allow her to help the cats in her neighbourhood.

In this exciting adventure, a funfair comes to town and Kitty is thrilled to go with her family. When a new cat arrives and usurps her friendship with Pixie, Kitty will be called upon to be brave in more ways than one.
Kitty, throughout the entire series, learns some life lessons in being kind, accepting and courageous. Her adventures are thrilling and exciting for young readers and the illustrations allow for plenty of scanning and enjoyment for smaller details.

“Girl by day. Cat by night. Ready for adventure” is a brilliant tag line for this series and it would make for a fantastic lead in to a superhero theme or class read. Children could be inspired to take qualities from other animals to create their own superhero persona.

I have read and enjoyed this entire series to date with my daughter, who is now into middle grade but still loves these highly illustrated books as much as I do.


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