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Let’s Get Ready for School

Authored by Jane Porter
Illustrated by Caroline Rabei
Published by Walker Books

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I wish I had read this book before I went to school for the first time! It comprehensively covers all bases from asking why people go to school, to exploring lunchtimes, playtimes, and special times.

On each spread, little nuggets of wisdom are offered. These nuggets include asking questions about what you might wear when going to school but not assuming all schools require uniform. Or reassuring someone that whilst you might cry at the beginning of the day, this is a sign that ‘you are feeling a lot of love’.

Everyone is represented. Different carers drop children off to school, the children’s names are wide ranging, and children from different backgrounds enjoy many aspects of school. Perhaps worth asking whether children just miss Mummy which is a question posed on the back cover and I would like to have seen a male teacher depicted too.

The book is modern. I liked the emphasis on children’s unique preferences for different subject areas, talking about worries rather than worrying about worries, and saving up one special thing to share with family or carers at home time. I also liked how ‘rules’ are explained as helping children with their own learning.

This book can be shared at home by parents and carers with young children about to start school. However, it could also be shared during the first few weeks of term to start off discussions about how children travel to school in the morning, or what they think school is for. I just wish I was there to hear those conversations!