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Lily Takes A Walk

Authored by Satoshi Kitamura
Illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura
Published by Scallyway Press

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Lily Takes a Walk is a wonderful story about a young girl who loves to walk with her pet dog, Nicky. The reader is able to feel Lily’s joy as she walks for hours along deserted streets and across green fields. Lily even likes to walk as day turns to night. Fortunately for Lily she has no fear. She stops along the way to admire the ducks or point out constellations as the daylight disappears.

Even though Nicky plods alongside Lily on their walk, he is not so sure about his surroundings. The journey they take is identical, same paths, roads and bridges but for Nicky the experience is terrifying! He spots monsters where Lily sees trees, a hungry letterbox, with very sharp teeth on the High Street and so many scary bats. Lily sees none of these sights. By the time they get home, Nicky is fraught with anxiety whilst Lily shares her rambling adventures with her mum and dad.

Satoshi Kitamura explores the imaginary world that children may construct in a beautifully visual manner. For example, children would be able to discuss whether Nicky is really seeing a monster in the tree or whether the leaves and sunlight are providing some sort of optical illusion. Some children, just like Nicky, are afraid of everyday objects such as the hand dryers in the school bathroom because they are too noisy whilst others just like Lily stroll into the bathroom without a care in the world.

Lily Takes a Walk is a perfect introduction to childhood fears. Therefore it provides an opportunity for children to discuss the things that frighten them at home, in school or when they are out and about, just like Nicky. And hopefully, gain some much-needed reassurance from children like Lily.