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Little People, Big Dreams: Jürgen Klopp

Authored by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vega
Illustrated by Beatriz Castro
Published by Quarto Publishing PLC

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Little People, Big Dreams: Jürgen Klopp tells the story from his early life loving sport, especially football, through his years as a professional footballer, up to his celebrated career as a football coach.

We find out in this story how Jürgen Klopp always loved sport, playing tennis in the summer, skiing in the winter and football all year round: his favourite sport. Alongside playing football, we find out how much he loved watching it and the changes he thought that were needed during the game for the team to win were invariably the same as the ones that were made. And so, a love of football coaching was born. He went on the study sports science while playing professionally too and before long he became a full-time coach for his team, Mainz 05. His success as a coach for teams in Germany led him to Europe, where he became a coach for a team that many of us know him for: Liverpool, where he led them to winning their first Premier League victory in 30 years and a European cup.

What comes across loud and clear in this book of the Little People, Big Dreams series is how having a passion for something, and showing dedication and commitment to it, led to success and how overall team spirit is key. Yes, this is a book that will definitely find its way into Liverpool supporters’ homes for their young ones. However, the positive messages about teamwork, being able to share success with others and how to learn and stay positive when you don’t win make this a universal story for all too.

Little People, Big Dreams: Jürgen Klopp is another recent addition in this well-known and extensive series. There are over 100 titles, featuring a wide range of different people from activists and artists to trailblazers and writers and are a good introduction to biographies for young children in early years and Key Stage 1. It is informative and written in an engaging style to share with young children and it would also be accessible for newly independent readers from 7 years. This is perfect for primary school classrooms and libraries and will certainly be a winner during the football season and cup tournaments.