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Look Up at the Stars

Authored by Katie Cotton
Illustrated by Miren Asiain Loren
Published by Frances Lincoln

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Look Up at the Stars is a beautiful and sumptuously illustrated book tells the story of a small bear cub, who one night asks its mum for a star. Being an enterprising sort of bear, Mum sets off, with Cub in tow, through the snake-infested jungle, swelling sea and snowy foothills to grab a star from the sky. Unfortunately, at the end of the quest, Mum finds that the stars are just too high, even when she stands on tiptoe on the top of a mountain peak. Sadly, Mum finally gives up and says they should just go home.

Looking down the mountainside, Cub is excited to see there are lots of stars below them. They follow the brightest star towards home, only to find that it is the light from their own house.

This is a lovely gentle book, with comforting rhymes, fantastic illustrations and a fabulous go-getting mother figure. The sight of her and Cub cresting the waves in a tiny rowing boat is a delight!

Young children would love having Look Up at the Stars read aloud to them, and there is lots to point out and enjoy on every page. The message that sometimes what we most desire is already ours is a touching one too.