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Looshkin – The Maddest Cat in the World

Authored by Jamie Smart
Illustrated by Jamie Smart
Published by David Fickling Books

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A family wants a cat, so one day they visit the local pet shop to be told that sadly all the litter have already been sold…well all but one…Looshkin. The owner tells them that things go wrong around him, but still he is purchased and brought home to join the family. Following his adventures in this graphic novel as we find out what he gets up to, in his first week with his new owners.

The character of Looshkin first appeared in the weekly comic The Phoenix created by Jamie Smart, who has also published the Flember and Bunny vs Monkey series of books. This book is a collection of stories about him and the adventures he gets up to. They are anarchic, bright and colourful and the use of the word ‘fart’ is guaranteed to make any child laugh hilariously!

The slapstick nature of the stories will appeal to beginner readers and the pages contain lots of different uses of gutter and types of panels which stops the reader being bored and makes you read pages in different ways. Speech and narration bubbles help move the stories on and get into the minds of the cat and the teddy bear – two of the main characters. This could be used to explore some of the devices of graphic novels and I would use to compare to other graphic novel books. Overall, I would buy it for my ten-year-old nephew as he would find it very engaging.