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Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden

Authored by Vivian French
Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Published by Harper Collins

Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden is about Lottie, who has had a lot of changes in her life recently, such as moving to Dracon Castle, becoming a princess and starting a new school. On top of that she isn’t just your usual kind of werewolf. Follow her adventures in this exciting introduction to a new series by Vivian French.

We all know how moving to a new place can be daunting and that is only one of things that is on Lottie’s mind as she starts her new school – Shadow Academy. Lottie is a werewolf, born when there was a full moon and a lunar eclipse, which makes her a very special kind of werewolf. As she joins her new school, will she be able to make friends whilst hiding her special powers and the fact that she is the daughter of the King? Follow Lottie as she and her friends try to create a Bloom Garden and stop the grounds of the school being ruined for ever. Just who can she trust and who is out to spoil the garden at every opportunity?

Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden is full of adventure, friendship and Evening Howls and would be a great addition to the class collection. I would recommend this for children who are wanting a fun and exciting read in lower KS2 to develop fluency and love of reading through a short chapter book. Vivian French’s writing is funny and the characters and setting are further enhanced by the super illustrations from Nathan Reed, which really bring the words to life. I loved the extra illustrative touches, such as the ladybird and caterpillar page numbers and the flowers, ghosts and bats that appear throughout the book. Although the characters are werewolves, the setting in a school and the characters mean that it isn’t scary for children to read. I am sure that Lottie Luna and her friends will become firm favourites.

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