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Lottie Luna and the Twilight Party

Authored by Vivian French
Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Published by Harper Collins

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Lottie Luna and the Twilight Party is the second book in the Lottie Luna series written by Vivian French and illustrated by Nathan Reed

Lottie Luna is like any other young girl trying to be a good friend and defend against bullies the main exception is she’s a princess and a werewolf!

Lottie is best friends with Wilf and Marjory, together they attend Shadow Academy. In this adventure, Lottie and Wilf are trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Marjory who always has to share her party with her Gran. They face obstacles along the way not least Kiki Claws who is determined to ruin the surprise. How Lottie and Wilf deal with these obstacles provide many points for discussion. Can they give Marjory the best birthday surprise?

Lottie Luna and the Twilight Party would be perfect for independent reading for children aged 5+. It could be a read aloud for years one and two and could also work as a guided reading text for year three children.
The story is light hearted but deals with important issues such as friendship and bullying, making it a good stepping stone to a wider discussion.

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