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Magical Myths and Legends

Authored by Chosen by Michael Morpurgo
Published by Oxford University Press

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Magical Myths and Legends is a brightly illustrated, hardback book with a great selection of stories that have been handed down over the generations. The collection includes legends from around the world such as Mulan, Icarus, Hercules and Thor and some closer to home: Robin Hood, Gawain and the Green Knight (an Arthurian tale) and Finn MacCool & the Giant’s Causeway.

There are large colour pictures on every page. Every story has a brief introduction written by Morporgo,  which poses a few questions to pique the reader’s interest and provides background information on its origin. I recognise some of the pictures and content from the OUP reading scheme, which many of my pupils have enjoyed reading over the years.

I think it is vital that all primary school children are exposed to myths and legends, and Magical Myths and Legends serves as a perfect introduction. The stories range in length and difficulty, making them suitable for across the primary age range from 7 years upwards. Extracts could be used for guided reading lessons, and stories could be selected for topics such as the Ancient Greeks.