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Maps of the United Kingdom

Authored by Rachel Dixon
Illustrated by Livi Gosling
Published by Wide Eyed

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An engrossing collection of highly-illustrated maps of the United Kingdom.

Very often, geography lessons in school can focus on global or local geography without ever looking at the layout of the wider U.K. This fascinating book features a map of each county in the U.K, outlining not only its location but also any interesting historical or scientific facts about that region, mentioning any noteworthy individuals born there and a double-page map absolutely packed with engaging illustrations. Readers will learn about ancient castles, kings and queens, engineers, witch trials and festivals, in short, sharp bursts of facts.

For me, this title would fit best in readers 7 – 11 years, either as a book to pick up and browse for enjoyment, or to use extracts from in class when learning about a specific region or historical event.

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