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Mega Robo Bros: Robot Revenge

Authored by Neill Cameron
Illustrated by Neill Cameron
Published by David Fickling Books

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The Mega Robo Bros are Alex and Freddy, juggling a double life of the normal everyday school problems with being the two most powerful robots in the world. In each of their parallel worlds, it feels as though they have a target painted on their backs.

At school, Alex is bullied by members of the school’s football team because he is not ‘a boy’. With the help of his female friends, he removes his blue colour, reappears as pink, and proceeds to shove the words of his detractors down their throats. A victory for Alex, and perhaps a nice introduction to a discussion about gender identity too.

Outside of school, the two are continually challenged by the social-media-savvy Team Robotix, whose own quest for fame and stardom sees them offering Alex and Freddy a chance to battle their self-proclaimed ‘super robots’. The constant sniping from Team Robotix tests Alex’s patience in particular and leads to the revelation of a newer, even more menacing enemy.

The storytelling here is witty, heartfelt and fully engaging, mixing a fantastical future of robots with the day-to-day problems and joys of school and family that children will be able to fully empathise with.

This is the third repackaged collection of the original series from The Phoenix, and, with more to come, looks set to be a must-have in primary classrooms.