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Midnight Magic: Mirror Mischief

Authored by Michelle Harrison
Illustrated by Elissa Elwick
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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Trixie lives with Dad, Nan (who loves hot yoga) and best friend Midnight, a magical black cat.

Pondering what to do whilst Trixie is at school, Midnight decides that bewitching her reflection might offer some much-needed entertainment. The copycat reflection soon gets up to all sort of mischief, but that’s ok because it’s only happening in the mirror. When the mirror is accidentally shattered, however, the copycat escapes and mayhem ensues! Midnight’s mischievous reflection rampages through the house. She knots Nan’s knitting, wraps Dad head-to-toe in toilet roll and brings Nan’s false teeth to life! Trixie, Midnight and Nan leap onto Twiggy (an enchanted broom) and give chase. Their attempts to catch the copycat result in them getting wedged up a chimney, being shrunk to the size of a beetle and then almost being eaten by magical wallpaper birds. Will they ever manage to trap the troublesome cat? It won’t be easy when she keeps disappearing in puffs of green smoke!

Mirror Mischief is the second in the Midnight Magic series. The stories are told entirely in rhyming verse. Short chapters and plentiful illustrations (all in shades of green) make Mirror Mischief a super early chapter book, particularly for children who have enjoyed rhyming picture books. It’s boisterous and fun, and a little reminiscent of the havoc in The Cat in the Hat (Dr Seuss).

Midnight Magic: Mirror Mischief would make an engaging read aloud in KS1 or an appealing independent read for children aged 7+.