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My Friend Loonie

Authored by Nina LaCour
Illustrated by Ashling Lindsay
Published by Walker Books Ltd

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My Friend Loonie follows an unnamed little girl through her friendship with Loonie…the yellow balloon. The story begins with her parents bringing home a yellow, round, floating surprise. Enter Loonie. Loonie is welcomed with open arms and soon the little girl becomes very attached. They play together, they have dinner together and she reads Loonie bedtime stories.

The story explores loss, sadness, grief and closure. A heartfelt story that ends with the little girl discovering that Loonie will always be a part of her and that everything is brighter in the world because of this. There are many themes and discussions that can step from this text: LGBTQIA+, family, friendship, distant friends, bereavement and more.

The illustrations in this book are stunning, covering every page with vivid colour and multiple shades of colour. The illustrations would be a great starting point for an art lesson based on shades and exploring how colour can reflect mood.

My Friend Loonie would be a lovely text to incorporate into a KS1+ classroom.