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No Home for a Ghost

Authored by Jess Rose
Illustrated by Jess Rose
Published by Owlet Press

For Dylan, moving into a new house offers lots of benefits. He won’t have to share a bedroom anymore and there was a garden big enough for a trampoline. However, no one in his family expected to find a ghost in their new house. Of course, it is a bit scary to meet a ghost – especially for Granny – so the grown-ups make him leave. Oh dear! Dylan is very upset. All the pranks the ghost got up to were quite fun. And, after all, the ghost had lived in the house before the family arrived; it had been his home. Like a friendly poltergeist, his ‘hauntings’ were playful, not frightening. Had the family been unfair getting rid of the ghost? Dylan thought so.

This will be an interesting book to share with children in early years and KS1. The way that the family’s attitudes change could lead to discussion about being empathetic and appreciating different points of view. More importantly, shared together with their teacher, I think most children would thoroughly enjoy listening to this unthreatening, but delightfully spooky, tale.