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Not Now, Noor!

Authored by Farhana Islam
Illustrated by Nabila Adani
Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK

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Noor is full of curiosity and asks lots of questions. Just why do the women in her family wear a hijab and what is it for? She knows that it is not a towel, and definitely not a hat, but could it be for hiding snacks, keeping nits away or helping a super spy stay under cover? Everyone is too busy to answer and the refrain of ‘not now, Noor’ is repeated by her sister, auntie and grandmothers, much to her frustration. However, there is one person who she knows will explain, the cleverest hijabi Noor knows – her ammu! After all, mum’s always have the answer!

This delightful, heartwarming and humorous picture book is steeped in love, depicting multi-generational family life with vibrant, expressive illustrations. Muslim women are to the fore, celebrating and explaining the wearing of the hijab. Young children have questions about all kinds of things, a curiosity which should be encouraged, although Noor has to be persistent to get her answers! As has been said before, books are windows and mirrors, with this one certainly fulfilling both functions joyously, enabling children to see themselves represented in a book, whilst being able to share their experiences with others.

This is ideal for reading with a class, opening discussion, and for families to share. Every Early Years setting and primary school should have a copy!

Longlisted for the Spark Book Awards 2024 Picture Fiction for Early Readers Category