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Not-so-Little Red Riding Hood

Authored by Michael Rosen
Illustrated by David Melling
Published by HarperCollins Publishers

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Little Red Riding Hood is not so little anymore in Michael Rosen’s recent retelling of this traditional tail. Together with David Melling they have created a new version of this fairy tale perfect for a new audience and a slightly more grown-up Red Riding Hood.

In this story, Little Red Riding Hood is accompanied by a new companion, her horse Pebbles, as they take the familiar route to Granny’s house. This time Granny has a surprise and whilst she is keen to see what this might be, Little Red Riding Hood is also wary of her journey through the woods and the potential that the Big Bad Wolf might be prowling around.

Whilst riding through the forest Little Red Riding Hood makes up a new song and the trees echo a rhyme back too. She is calmed by the trees and the impact they have on her as they take the journey to Granny’s House. However, the experience of her previous fateful journey provides anxiety for her and she sees, hears and imagines the Big Bad Wolf all the way. Finally, they get to Granny’s house but there is no sign of Granny. Little Red Riding Hood’s imagination takes charge and she is sure that the Big Bad Wolf is lurking behind the door.

Not-so-Little-Red Riding Hood is a witty and charming story. The text, together with the illustrations, will make children and families smile and laugh. There is intrigue and wonder at what is going on, what will happen next and what is behind the door at Granny’s house. The ending is delightful and there is the potential for new stories to be created. The illustrations are playful and capture the full range of emotions that Not-So-Little Red Riding Hood goes through. The wolf makes cameo appearances and these will bring a smile to readers, especially the end papers.