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One Shoe Two Shoes

Authored by Caryl Hart
Illustrated by Edward Underwood
Published by Bloomsbury

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One Shoe Two Shoes is a brightly coloured book that follows a dog when it is taken out for “walkies”. The pictures are all drawn from the dog’s perspective – and dogs can only see the bottom of people’s legs and their feet! There is a lot to notice about the shoes people wear, and you might spot a mouse or two along the way.

The story authored by Caryl Hart, is enjoyable to read out loud, with a great rhyming rhythm. There are counting, colours and great sound effects to join in with. It is refreshing to have a counting book with more substance to it.

I teach in Northamptonshire – heart of the shoemaking industry (and home of the “Kinky Boots” film and musical), so One Shoe Two Shoes would be a must for so many local schools who have a topic on shoes and visit the Northampton Shoe Museum. It would fit so well in a home corner set out as a shoe shop, and I’m sure it would be a popular class read to practise counting to 10 and promote lots of great discussion about different types of shoes.

I remember my daughters being obsessed with shoes at a young age when they were crawling and toddling about – Just like the dog in the story, shoes, feet and the bottom of legs are their view of the world while they are so little – and who doesn’t love a lovely pair of shoes!

A fun rhyming, counting picturebook.