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Pigsticks and Harold – The Ends of the Earth

Authored by Alex Milway
Published by Walker Books

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Pigsticks and Harold – The Ends of the Earth is part of a series by Alex Milway about Pigsticks, a pig whose ancestors had done great things, but so far he has stayed in Tubtown and done very little. He decides that he wants to make his family proud and decides to go on an expedition, but having started to plan, quickly realises that he needs someone to carry all the gear and cook his food on the journey. So begins his search for an assistant to undertake the incredible journey. Will Pigsticks find a suitable assistant and will they ever reach the Ends of the Earth?

This easy to read, exciting adventure is full of fun and the graphic-style illustrations really enhance the enjoyment of the story. I loved the way the illustrations really showed the characters emotions, especially the very angry goats! The book also sometimes uses a graphic novel style which enhances the multi-modal elements of the book. It is a great title to promote independent reading and has lots of hidden jokes in the illustrations, such as Pigsticks art collection including ‘The Squeal by Pigyard Munch’, which parents sharing the book with their children will really appreciate.

This is a great book to have as part of a KS1 or LKS2 class bookshelf and to support reading at home. I really enjoyed the characters and can’t wait to read the other books in the series.