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Pizza Pete and the Perilous Potions

Authored by Carrie Sellon
Illustrated by Sarah Horne
Published by Guppy Publishing Ltd

Pizza Pete and the Perilous Potions is a terrific debut novel with many laugh-out-loud moments. We meet Pete in his favourite place ‘HOME’. He lives with his father above a pizza take away that his father runs. He loves this place. He loves building futuristic models with lego and computer games. A regular sort of boy you might say. However, Pete is far from regular. Following a horrid incident at school swimming lessons he vows to never leave his house again. Despite much encouragement from his father and his friend Anna, Pete suffers panic attacks just at the thought of leaving his house.

HIs father tells Pete that the Pizza Place is struggling due to lack of customers. A new pizza place, Fox Pizzas had opened. A pizzeria run by robots no less. Fox had taken most of their customers and Pete’s father couldn’t compete on price. This looked like the end of the road for them. After a disastrous meeting with the bank Pete’s father tells him they have just three days to find the £10,000 they need to save both their home and business. Pete is distraught. This is his safe place, where he can function. What is he to do?

Enter Anna and her dog Useless, who is only allowed in the pizza place when Pete’s father is out. They try a bit of mind storming for ideas and because of this decide to investigate the attic. Here they find a suitcase/attaché case that looks very official. On opening it they see lots of small bottles inside with various words on them, such as GROW, WISH and SHRINK. There is also a note about a discredited chemist who appears to have made these potions. They decide to make magical pizzas with them. Well, everything goes wrong and things get seriously messy.Total mayhem ensues.

This is a truly funny book. Madcap in its storyline but so cleanly written you are there with Pete, Anna and his father for this mind-boggling journey. Will they save the Pizza place? Will Pete venture outside again? It would spoil the story to spill the beans so you must read on to find out.

I thoroughly recommend this terrific book packed full of adventure and fun. Fantastically illustrated throughout the whole book with some full page black and white drawings that really add to the story. A great addition to any bookcase and a great read aloud for KS2. I can’t wait to share it with my grandson.

Longlisted for the Spark Book Awards 2024 Fiction for 7+ Category