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Plant: Explore the Extraordinary World of Plants and Flowers

Authored by Annabel Griffin
Illustrated by Tjarda Borsboom
Published by Hungry Tomato Ltd

Are you ready to explore the extraordinary world of plants and flowers? The answer: yes, this book is not to be missed! As I delved into the 61 pages of the brightly illustrated, by Tjarda Borsboom, text provided by Annabel Griffin, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information on each page.

Starting at the beginning the author offers a clear and concise definition of a plant. Layer upon layer of information supports new learning and interesting facts. Did you know that there are 300,000 different plants on earth? Some plants have the same features. There are blossoming plants, plants that bear fruit, and berries. Then some plants produce nuts or flowers.

Of course, we know that plants do not exist alone, but they are part of a rich ecosystem, where they have learned to adapt to the biome they hopefully thrive in. Biomes such as deserts, where you will learn about tumbleweed, cacti and the animals that also thrive in these areas because of the plant life. After the double desert page, we visit a tropical rainforest. Wonderful. Every time I return to this book, I discover something new. Whether it’s a fact about Bromeliads and the dart frogs that lay their eggs in little pools of water or the different kinds of forests that cover a third of our planet.

Plant: Explore the Extraordinary World of Plants and Flowers is a must for all primary schools and should adorn a prominent shelf in the school library.

Longlisted for the 2024 Information Book Award Age 0-7 Category