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Authored by Simon Philip
Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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Extraordinary things happen to Bill when he does not say ‘please’. Please is a fun filled, colourful rhyming story that will have children laughing out loud!

Everything about Please is colourful and fun. From the cover and end papers to the main story when we enter the world of Bill’s fantastical adventures. Every time Bill forgets to say ‘please’ he is transported somewhere unusual and exciting. He travels in space, lands in a jungle, rides a wild Yak and eventually pleads to stop!

Simon Philips text is pacy and fun. The story is written in rhyme and there are many plays on words using alliteration and onomatopoeia to great effect. Children will enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of the story, making predictions and joining in with readings. The text is cheerfully complimented by Nathan Reed’s wonderful illustrations. He includes so many lovely, funny details. Children can spend time exploring the pictures and will see new things each time. They can try to spot the little crab on each page and enjoy Bill’s facial expressions!

Please will make a welcome addition to all early years and KS1 library collections, classrooms and homes. This is a book that can be shared with young children and is one of those books that children will request frequently, beginning to enjoy its familiarity. It can spark discussions on politeness and manners in general. The ending lends itself to additional predictions and discussions. Children can share this book and explore the illustrations or read it alone and enjoy its cheerful rhythm.