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Quill Soup

Authored by Alan Durant
Illustrated by Dale Blankenaar
Published by Tiny Owl

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Quill Soup is a story that originates from South Africa and touches on many themes; most notably kindness. However, themes such as conservation, inclusiveness and diversity are woven through this tale too. The illustrations are immersive and the words wonderfully wise.

The tale centres around Noko the Porcupine. He is travelling towards a village of animals. Very reminiscent of Leaf’s reception in Sandra Dieckmann’s story, Noko is met fear and ignorance. As the story develops, Noko teaches the animals the spirit of generosity and kindness. By the end of the story, the Quill Soup (humble and simple) unveils the true nature of hospitality – hospitality fit for a King.

This is a story that could be used across the primary phase. The illustrations lend themselves to many exciting art-themed lessons looking at African and tribal art. The colours are vivid and so would be a wonderful backdrop to learn about colours and colour mixing in depth.

Work about conservation and endangered animals could be planned using this text as a stimulus. Habitats, adaptation and understanding the interdependence of ecosystems would also be very good themes to explore.

A beatifically and intricately decorated tale that showcases kindness as the true wealth – a richness of heart and generosity.

Shortlisted for the English 4-11 Picture Book Award 2020 . You will find many award winning books in our book selections. Please visit our Bookshop or contact us, if you have specific requests.