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Rainbow Fish and the Storyteller

Authored by Marcus Pfister (translated by David Henry Wilson)
Illustrated by Marcus Pfister
Published by North and South

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It is amazing to think that The Rainbow Fish is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The Rainbow Fish and the Storyteller is a new tale by Marcus Pfister and has the same visual appeal and engaging storyline to be found in the original.

The Rainbow Fish and the Storyteller returns to the original setting of the first book. We once again meet the rainbow fish with his friends, all sporting their sparkling scales. We are introduced to a new fish called Humbert who likes to exaggerate his tales of danger. To begin with Humbert alarms the other fish but they begin to feel sorry for him and work to find a way to kindly include him in their lives and help him to stop telling such tall stories.

Once again Marcus Pfister’s engaging story ends with a thoughtful moral. Kindness and inclusion are found to be the way to help Humbert but he is also encouraged to behave well. The illustrations are as beautiful and eye-catching as ever. On every page the muted shades represent life under the sea, and we see a brightly coloured array of different fish with their glittering scales. Children will once again enjoy looking for and touching the scales as they read.

This is a charming book to share with young children and to give to young readers. Parents and grandparents will enjoy returning to this familiar setting! The illustrations make it a visual treat and the story could facilitate good discussions about friendship and behaviour. It is a book that deserves a place in every library.