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Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight

Authored by Alex Wharton
Illustrated by Ian Morris
Published by Firefly Press Ltd

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Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight is a lovely book of poems by Welsh Poet Laureate Alex Wharton, covering a wide range of themes, with lots of different poetic forms and styles.  From humorous poems such as ‘Off the Tube’, the quirky ‘Mr Slime’ to the poignant ‘For a Quiet Day’, this is a really good addition to a poetry shelf. Mostly short and accessible poems, with some author’s links to Wharton’s previous volumes e.g. ‘Hector’s Ghost’ is a continuation of the tale of Hector the hedgehog (though I found it difficult to believe that hedgehogs can really be horrible!).

My favourite poem, however, has to be ‘Young Oak’ which, using personification, recounts the story of an Oak sapling through the seasons and years, with detailed reference to the natural world but also weaving in the story of Charlotte, a child at the beginning, but a mother by the end of the poem. Absolutely beautiful storytelling.

The black and white illustrations by Ian Morris are brilliant and bring the poems alive. Highly recommended from 7 years and would be perfect for discussion and inspiring poetry writing in the Key Stage 2 classroom.