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Show Us Who You Are

Authored by Elle McNicoll
Published by Knights Of

Show Us Who You Are is the second novel by Elle McNicoll. As a huge fan of A Kind of Spark, I was incredibly excited about reading this. It tells the story of 12-year-old Cora who strikes up a friendship with the son of her brother’s boss, CEO of the mysterious Pomegranate Institute. Cora is autistic and Aidan has ADHD and their difference draws them together. Cora is fascinated by the work of Pomegranate who use AI to create life-like holograms of people designed to bring comfort to grieving (and paying) relatives. A life-changing event brings Cora to the heart of the aims of the institute and she must work out what to do. 

This is an exhilarating and breathtaking read which defies categorisation. The novel is fast-paced with extraordinary characters making the perfect balance of page-turning and reflection. I love Elle’s style of writing. She has such a fresh and unique voice and it felt as if she was speaking directly to me. The characters are keenly observed and so relatable. I find it so powerful that she has created characters who give an authentic insight into their lives. This is a brilliantly entertaining read but one which made me stop and think about my own perceptions and ideas. I came away from the book with a sense of transformation as a reader. I learned so much being shown and not told – the greatest gift a writer can have. 

It is an essential addition to an Upper Key Stage 2 or Lower Key Stage 3 library for independent reading but I would urge Year 6 teachers to consider reading it aloud to their classes. There are so many questions that would be fascinating to discuss, such as:

  • Are there situations where AI can be used for good? 
  • Would you want to be digitally immortalised? 

However you choose to share this book, I would urge you to share it far and wide. Show Us Who You Are is a book that firmly cements Elle McNicoll’s place as a highly talented and exciting writer. I can’t wait to read what she writes next!