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Solve Your Own Mystery: The Missing Magic 3

Authored by Gareth P. Jones
Illustrated by Louise Forshaw
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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In the city of Haventry, there’s a Shady Side, regular humans are unaware of the residents in this part of town. And just as well because they would cause quite a stir. Populated by a mixture of magical creatures, witches, wizards and goblins et al, excitement is never far from the characters in this story. The main character being you. Me. Or whoever happens to be reading.

In The Missing Magic you’re tasked with helping private detective Klaus Solstaag (yeti) find, you’ve guessed it, the magic which everyone in Shady Side relies on. There’s a long line of suspects… The League of Evil for one who are holding a conference in town. But which of the assuming and unassuming characters could be the culprit?

Choose your own adventure books like these are a different kind of reading experience. It’s not a genre I really know too much about, but I do know they are popular so I should pay more attention to them. Some of them can be frustrating as they have ‘dead ends’ which mean you have to start from the beginning. In this series, it’s more free flowing where you always end with a conclusion. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s always the same ending. There are three possible endings in this adventure. I had to read each one and they are all really fun.

You don’t often see examples of writing in the second person, so these are a good way to widen language knowledge. It’s also good to experience reading this style too, especially if you’re not used to it (like me). But children really do like them. I’ve always thought they’re the reading equivalent of computer games. They offer an aspect of control and decision making rather than a linear plot. It’s a great way into the Fighting Fantasy books and more complex roleplay games, which are imagination marvels.

The illustrations by Louise Forshaw never ceased to make me smile and complemented Gareth’s funny prose perfectly. So, all in all, a perfect fit for year 4 goblins… and perhaps the children too.