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Some Dinosaurs are Small

Authored by Charlotte Voake
Illustrated by Charlotte Voake
Published by Walker

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Some Dinosaurs are Small is a delightful book for very young children about opposites in a forest of dinosaurs: big and small; fast and slow; flat and pointy. It is action-packed and funny with big dinosaurs chasing small dinosaurs, ending with an enormous dinosaur saving the smallest one!

One small dinosaur is filling his tiny basket with food when big dinosaurs with sharp claws and pointy teeth eye him up as their next meal. Chasing action ensues, and the little dinosaur loses his food. The story ends when they get greedy for more and find the little dinosaur safely in the protection of his mummy, who happens to be enormous! There is then a wonderful use of the endpapers with the little dinosaur safely on top of mummy’s head forgoing for more food high in the trees away from danger.

I have always loved the simplicity of Charlotte Voake’s stories which often centre around animals and pets. Her style of illustration gives each one its character without having to say very much, which is a very effective and clever technique for engaging young children with picture book stories. She balances perfectly a simple text alongside the beautiful illustrations as central to the story to involve the young reader.

Charlotte has cleverly weaved in a message about bullying and the protection of a mother for her young through the story. This offers opportunities for talk once the fun and action within the story are over. It goes without saying that Some Dinosaurs are Small is a perfect book to read aloud.