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Songs of the Birds

Authored by Isabel Otter
Illustrated by Clover Robin
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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Now I’m not one who usually goes for books with things to press that make sounds but I make an exception with this one because these sounds are the very beautiful real sounds of birdsong. And who doesn’t love the sound of birdsong? And if you do, you will love Songs of the Birds.

This a board book filled with 24 different bird calls taking us through 8 different habitats, including gardens, woodlands, towns and rivers, with a sentence about each bird featured. Songs of the Birds starts in the morning, ‘As the sun rises, the garden birds are beginning their cheerful chorus’ and takes us right through the end of the day, ‘The songbirds sing their closing song as the twilight fades to darkness’. I really enjoyed reading each fact about the birds too, such as finding out why the buzzard has such a large wingspan or why blackbirds hearing is so good. It is just enough information for very young children, with birds many will recognise, such as a blackbird, robin and tawny owl, while also introducing some lesser known birds too, including a whitethroat and meadow pipit.

It’s a book aimed at early years and it really is perfectly pitched for 3-5 year-olds (although I think older children – adults too!-  will equally enjoy the charm of this book and learning to recognise the different bird calls) with text font differentiated for the bird facts from the story of the journey from sunrise to sundown and the beautiful collage-created illustrations perfectly capturing each habitat and bird, with enough detail to interest young curious minds. I also think that the author and illustrator were destined to collaborate on a book like this together with names Isabel Otter and Clover Robin!

Songs of the Birds would be a lovely book for grandparents, parents, teachers and carers to  share with young children and enjoy together and hopefully to inspire a new generation of nature and bird enthusiasts.