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Space Blasters-Suzie Saves the Universe

Authored by Katie and Kevin Tsang
Illustrated by Amy Nguyen
Published by Farshore

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Space Blasters, by the dynamic duo of Katie and Kevin Tsang, is a new book that is out of this world.

Suzie Wen loves to invent gadgets to make life easier, but something always seems to go wrong. When her Automatic Dumpling Maker explodes, Susie is banned from further inventing. But a long summer looms ahead of her, with nobody around to keep her company. Her best friend Bonnie has moved to New York, her grandparents are in Hong Kong and her brother and sister are too busy and wouldn’t want to hang out with her anyway.

Suzie’s favourite TV programme is Space Blasters. She decides to invent a 3D TV Experience and that is when things start to go wrong. For Suzie soon realises that she’s beamed herself inside TUBS, the Space Blasters spaceship.

She gets to meet her hero, Captain Jane, as well as Spaceman Jack. Five -Eyed Frank, the friendly alien, doesn’t trust Suzie and is convinced that she is an alien. She has to work hard to prove to him that she’s human. Helping to mend the damaged spaceship goes some way to winning Frank over.

However, there is a problem in Space. Planets aren’t where they should be, their inhabitants are falling asleep and their moons have been stolen. ‘FOR THE UNIVERSE’ is the cry of the Space Blasters, and Suzie fits in well as they try to solve the mystery together.

Amy Nguyen’s illustrations bring the characters to life beautifully. I especially enjoyed flicking back to the map of the spaceship TUBS to see how the ship was arranged. There are also Fun Facts sprinkled through the book – mostly about space – and these explain things mentioned at that part of the story.

This was great fun to read, and I can imagine that a space mad Year 3 or Year 4 reader will be thrilled to find out about Suzie’s adventures in space. As Suzie opts to stay in space rather than returning home, we know that there will be another book – Suzie and the Moon Bugs. I will look forward to finding out her further exploits.