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Star Stories

Authored by Anita Ganeri
Illustrated by Andy Wilx
Published by Templar books

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Star Stories: Constellation Tales from Around the World

As a stargazer, I was immediately drawn to this book. As a teacher, I was entranced with this book; the purpose, the language and illustrations are all cleverly constructed. It is such a gift to have a selection of constellation tales from around the world. Each story is structured with beautiful simplicity, making it uncomplicated for the reader to escape into the narratives and join the dots of the glittering formations we see in the night sky.

The myths begin at the point of origin where each constellation locates itself. The reader then has the joy of a traditional retelling of each story. I particularly loved how the stories span the continents. The tales of the Ancient Greeks have always enticed and excited me, as have Inuit tales. Reading about Nanuk, Andromeda and the Sea Monster instilled a sense of nostalgia, alongside a newly discovered feeling of intrigue through the inclusion of the Incan constellation tale about a Llama, a Cherokee tale about the Grandmother spider and the Sumerian ‘Gilgamesh and the Bull.’

Star Stories truly is a gift for any bookshelf and classroom. It is intricately made and illustrated by a true craftsman, Andy Wilx. But, most importantly, in a time where the bright lights children see can be sourced from a screen, this paves the way for them to gaze at a light source further away encouraging a sense of mystery, awe and wonder.