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Super Sons: The Polarshield Project

Authored by Ridley Pearson
Illustrated by Ile Gonzalez
Published by DC Comics

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Super Sons: The Polarshield Project is set in the universe of DC Comics. It is an action-packed, exhilarating read that finds the sons of Superman and Batman coming together with the mysterious Candace to save Earth from an environmental crisis.

This book is the first in a series that follows the adventures of the Super Sons of Batman and Superman. The book begins with Candace, a young girl, who is given a mysterious message by a fortune teller that will see her life changed forever. Superman and Batman are working together in Metropolis trying to prevent an environmental catastrophe befalling the city. Both of their sons, Jon and Ian, are grappling with the challenges of having fathers who are superheroes. They will need to find a way to come together, along with Candace, to save the world when their fathers are nowhere to be found.

As a graphic novel, this story has lots of offer. Set against a background of environmental concern, it feels pertinent to the current situation, and I believe it will resonate with children. The illustrations by Ile Gonzalez are excellent; dynamic, vibrant and engaging. The plot zips along at a pace, and it is action-packed throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of characters and how their relationships developed as the story moved forward, and I am looking forward to reading the next instalment.

Super Sons: The Polarshield Project  would work brilliantly for children from the age of seven and upwards. It would be an excellent story to target reluctant readers. The text is not very demanding, but the complexity of the plot and inference needed will maintain high engagement levels. It would be perfect to use for guided reading or independent reading. Several issues can be discussed around the book, including managing climate change, relationships between families, and what it means to be considered a hero. A great read!