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The Artist

Authored by Ed Vere
Illustrated by Ed Vere
Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK

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The Artist was inspired and created by Ed Vere in response to the question. ‘What is an artist?’ He explores the answer through a dinosaur, a young artist who, after learning how to make art from the wonder and beauty she sees in the world around her, both imagined and real, has the desire to share this with a wider audience. She must travel far from home, leaving safety and security, to travel to the big bustling city which has the space for her creations.

She starts small and gradually builds a following of people who slow down and stop to appreciate the beauty of what she sees. However, disaster strikes when the artist colours outside of the lines! The colour fades from the artist as her desire to create vanishes. Encouragement from her audience is what is needed to build her confidence and set her back to her art. After all, they love all the messy beauty of her art.

This is a heartwarming book that celebrates not only the power of art to connect people but also celebrates the importance of making mistakes. Many of us are put off art because we cannot create something that looks perfect and this story is all about embracing imperfection. The little girl tells the artist:

‘Heart is what matters

And your art is full of heart…’

This book was written and drawn from the heart. The Artist aims to capture the unbridled energy, creativity and joy of a child drawing. The story of how a young artist notices beauty all around and then goes on a journey to share it with the world. It is an empowering story for children who love to draw and paint. It is a story that shows that all children are artists, that mistakes can be overcome, and, most importantly, that we live in a wonderful world. It is a book about spreading joy—for times that need it.