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The Cat Who Couldn’t Be Bothered

Authored by Jack Kurland
Illustrated by Jack Kurland
Published by Quarto Publishing PLC

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‘I can’t be bothered…I’ll give it a miss.’ Cat is not interested in any of the invitations from his friends to join them in having fun. They invite him to go exploring, skating, baking and even to go to Mars as the first cat-stronaut, but Cat is still not interested. Finally, after much persuasion, Cat tires of the other animals asking him to have fun and shares his feelings with his well-meaning friends. He is simply too sad to do anything – Cat wants to do nothing, and so they all do nothing together.

This is Jack Kurland’s debut picturebook. The humorous illustrations capture Cat’s mood perfectly; he is drawn in monochrome, looking lethargic and uninterested, surrounded by white space. It is Cat’s friends who are presented in colour as they try to include him with seemingly enticing offers.

The Cat Who Couldn’t Be Bothered is a story about friendship, kindness and understanding, and it has a simple charm to it. It is a book that promotes empathy and explores the importance of being honest with those who care about you. There is much to smile about in this book, not least the final sentence, and readers from 5 years upwards will enjoy Cat’s story. This story may help adults talk to children about their feelings and validation of the range of feelings we experience.