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The Dream Book

Authored by Bia Melo
Illustrated by Bia Melo
Published by Templar Publishing

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The Dream Book features a very unusual protagonist. Nina is a little girl who does not like to stay up past her bedtime. She loves to go to sleep because that is when dreams happen and Nina’s dreams are filled with magical and exciting adventures. Unfortunately, when she wakes up, she discovers that dreams are elusive and try as she might they just slip away from her. However hard she searches they are nowhere to be found. She resolves to find a way to capture them and tries to use a camera. That night however the dream she finds herself in is not one she wants to remember. It’s much too scary! Nina cannot find the words to describe her dreams so she thinks of a better way – she will draw her dream. And so, begins Nina’s Dream Book which is filled with her nocturnal adventures.

Bia Melo has created an original and charming story for young children. The Dream Book is a lovely bedtime read which will give young children the opportunity to talk about their dreams and to understand that bad dreams are normal. The illustrations are vibrant, bright and bold and bring Nina’s dreams to life in glorious technicolour. Melo’s use of typography adds an interesting dimension to the design of the pages. Nina is brought to life with quirky details which readers will find endearing and engaging. This is a fantastic book to share with young readers and could inspire them to create their own dream books. It could also inspire conversation about dreams and help children talk about the bad dreams they may have. There is a handy guide for parents at the end of the book with tips for talking about dreams, making links to their emotions and ideas to support a good bedtime.

Longlisted for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2024