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The Duck Who Didn’t Like Water

Authored by Steve Small
Illustrated by Steve Small
Published by Simon & Schuster

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The Duck Who Didn’t Like Water follows Duck and their mission to overcome their overpowering discomfort with water and their fear of change to make space for a new friend in their life.

Duck is an independent and convivial duck who lives contentedly in their dry, little cottage. Duck enjoys outdoor walks, drinking tea and reading good books. One stormy night, a downpour cuts a hole in Duck’s roof and, when they step outside to grab a bucket, they find Frog – a ‘very lost’ visitor – on the doorstep. Duck hosts Frog for the night, and the two discover that they have lots in common. They love hanging out together, drinking tea and reading stories to each other: it could be a great friendship. There is only one problem: Frog thrives in damp, wet environments and Duck really doesn’t like water. Will Duck be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and make space for this friendship in their life?

The Duck Who Didn’t Like Water is a tender story about friendship, hospitality, embracing the unexpected and having the courage to go for what makes you happy. In this fun-filled, adventurous journey, Duck shows the reader that there is more to life than comfort: sometimes, you need to overcome your fears to make space for happiness in your life. The characters are depicted with no evident gender and age, which sends a positive message about the universality of the challenges and the joys that Duck and Frog face and experience. The borderless layout of the book invites us on the journey along with the characters and throws us into all aspects of the adventure, facilitating empathising with Duck’s story.

The Duck Who Didn’t Like Water would delight children of all ages. It is perfect as an independent reading book and would be a rich input for discussions about the true value of friendship and overcoming fears.