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The Essential Guide to S.T.E.A.M.

Authored by Eryl Nash
Illustrated by Vicky Barker
Published by b small

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This book aims to mix facts about science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) using simple explanations, illustrations and diagrams ‘making an art out of science.’

The double-page spreads cover ideas such as magnets, light and forces from the Key Stage 2 Science National Curriculum as well as how art links with STEM subjects in pages covering Creative Thinking, Computer and Household Engineering. The mixture of facts, diagrams and real-life examples combine well to show how the key aspects of science relate to the world we live in. The book also contains quiz questions to encourage further research in each area. The layout of the pages reminded me of the infographic style, and Vicky Barker’s design and illustrations combine to cover some challenging content, such as Newton’s laws of motion, in a clear and accessible way. This book is a great example of the new style of non-fiction books and one that children will love to revisit, finding out more each time. It reminded me of the Piotr Sochal style in Book of Bees. I would recommend this for the classroom and any parent trying to support their child with science work!