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The Faber Book of Bedtime Stories

Authored by Various
Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre
Published by Faber & Faber

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A comforting story tonight for a happy day tomorrow is the sub-title which perfectly sums up this new collection of stories. It would be an ideal family gift for shared reading, but I can also see it being used as an end of day read aloud for a class, sending children home with a positive mind-set.

Authors including Emma Carroll, Aisha Busby, Kieran Larwood and Reba Khatun, have contributed stories with themes of friendship, nature and family with happy, hopeful endings. Some are humorous and others a little more serious with a message gently conveyed. Children will recognise several which are based on familiar or traditional tales, including Clementine and the Mighty Battle Honk by Claire Barker about a goose brought up as a chicken which is resonant of the Ugly Duckling. Another about acceptance of others’ differences is Ann Jungman’s The Dinosaur’s Egg, following the adventures of an unusual hatchling. For children who think that it would be fun if bedtime was cancelled, then the cautionary tale from Rashmi Sirdeshpande about what happens when the unicorn in charge of parties does just that, should persuade them otherwise!

Sarah McIntyre’s colourful, humorous illustrations add a joyful element to this lovely anthology.